Welcome to My Homeland Website; Students Collaborative Art Project February-June 2012, Santa Clara County, California, USA.


Lead Teaching Artist: Pantea Karimi, visual artist and arts educator based in San Jose, CA Project’s Design, Curriculum Content and Lesson Planning, Teaching the sessions at the Elementary Schools and Designing and Installing the Collaborative Wall Installation at three venues.

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  • 69 students, Gr.3-5, from Mountain View, Sunnyvale and San Jose worked with Pantea Karimi, artist and arts educator; they created “hybrid symbols” on cities’ maps in order to build a collaborative wall installation that celebrates and brings together the multicultural youth communities in the South Bay, California in one visual presentation.

This project is funded by the School of Arts & Culture at MHP’s Multicultural Arts Leadership Initiative, San Jose, CA, 2012.

Project Description: My Homeland art project asks what it means to create history and connection to another place other than one’s native land and to create a new hybrid identity and a sense of place outside one’s culture.

Students from Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and San Jose participated in this art project. Arts and Education organizations: Euphrat Museum of Art, Community School of Music and Arts, and School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza selected three grade 3-5 classrooms. Assigned students explored sense of belonging to a place and multicultural identity through seeing images, examples and discussions.  Students individually invented and drew a ”hybrid symbol” that represented their cultural or family backgrounds as well as their American living experience. Participants also had the option of writing about their cultural heritage or experiences in their preferred language. For the final outcome, students in each classroom created a collaborative artwork by assembling their final “hybrid symbols” on the designated schools’ neighborhood maps downloaded from Google Maps. The collaborative wall installation is showcased in traveling exhibitions, May-June 2012, in the Art Project galleries at Euphrat Museum of Art, Sobrato Gallery in Community School of Music and Arts, and Gallery Space in School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza.

Project Vision and Mission: The project’s content promotes ethnic diversity and creates a platform for cross-cultural understanding while connects local communities. My Homeland art project’s steps encourage creativity and collaborative-art-installation-outcome, in traveling exhibitions, highlights the multi-cultural youth communities in the South Bay and celebrates cultures from around the world.

Participating Elementary Schools: Theuerkauf, San Antonio and Nimitz.

Traveling Exhibitions Dates:

  • Euphrat Museum of Art: May 8-14, 2012
  • Sobrato Gallery at Community School of Music and Arts: May 15-June 6, 2012
  • Mexcian Heritage Plaza Art Gallery: June 11-15, 2012

Special thanks to the following individuals from the Arts and Education organizations and the Elementary Schools for their support and engagement: Diana Argabrite, Linda Covello, Cal Cullen, Kyle Willimas, John Williams, Tamara Alvarado, Lilia Aguero, Norma Rodriguez, Ottey Russ, Rita Cole, Claudia Cadenas, Rosalyn Carson, Junko Tsuchida and Arnold Barrientos.

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