Nimitz School Images

I taught the My Homeland art project content during the course of 3 sessions at Nimitz Elementary School. 25 students, gr. 3 & 4,  participated in the project; They came from various parts of the world: China, Japan, Russia, Israel, Holland, India, Vietnam, France and more. It was exciting for them to share their cultural elements, such as food, festivals, patterns, customs with me and with each other in the classroom. I personally learned many new terms and about specific foods, specific ceremonies, and national sports. Students then drew a “hybrid symbol” representing their cultural background and their life in the USA, in Sunnyvale, California on my pre-cut Sunnyvale ‘s map’s blocks. Below are the images from the classroom and students, while working on the project.

The three sessions at Nimitz Elementary School taught by Pantea Karimi (project’s lead teaching artist)

Photos by Pantea Karimi and Rita Cole (photographer and Nimitz Elementary School Teacher)- click on images to see them bigger/zoom in

  • I am showing the students various flags, symbols, and patterns from different parts of the world.

  • A small hand-woven rug from southern Iran, depicting patterns and colors from the region.

  • A fabric from Northern part of  Iran, depicting patterns and colors from the region.
  • Students compared the design elements, patterns and colors with the one from Southern part of Iran.

  • I am showing the students a fabric from Mexico; patterns and colors are distinct to the region.
  • Kids compared this fabric to those from Iran.

  • One of the Students at Nimitz Elementary School, drawing a hybrid symbol on the map’s block.

  • Two flags (USA/Israel) mixed to create a hybrid flag representing student’s cultural background and where he lives now.

  • A student drawing her symbols on the map’s blocks.

  • Another student showing what he designed on his block.

  • Students assembling their blocks on the map

  • Students completed the Sunnyvale map with their drawn and colored blocks.