San Antonio School Images

San Antonio Elementary School sessions were held in the School of Arts and Culture in Mexican Heritage Plaza in East San Jose with 26 participant students, Gr. 4 & 5. They or their family either rooted in the USA for generations or came from various parts of the world; India, Mexico, El Salvador, Vietnam, Philippines, Guatemala and China. Students brought various objects, traditional festival outfits, flags, house hold-hand-made objects, even cookies which they used as source of inspiration to create their “hybrid symbols.” Below are some of the images from the sessions.

The three sessions at San Antonio Elementary School taught by Pantea Karimi (project’s lead teaching artist)

Photos by Pantea Karimi and Claudia Cadenas (teacher at San Antonio Elementary School)-click on images to see them bigger/zoom in

  • Students and I talking about their inspiration-objects
  • I discuss how they should use their objects/patterns to draw their “hybrid symbols”

San Antonio School students, while drawing:

  • This student brought his grandmother’s hand-made crochet, which he used the color and the pattern in his “hybrid symbols” on the right.


  • Another student brought a few things: a cookie, a shirt, and a bag from Guatemala
  • She is identifying the country on the world’s map

  • Other inspirations (objects) that students brought to the class
  • The tortilla maker was the interesting object to draw inspiration from!

  • Another student designed hybrid images on his block. He drew inspiration from his Filipino culture, both for colors and patterns.

  • Students assembling their blocks
  • The finished map