My Homeland Stories

Students filled out a Student Statement Form with 4 questions: 1. the language/s they or their family speak. 2. the coolest thing about the USA/the Bay Area. 3. the coolest thing about their/parents’ native land, if they were not born in the USA. 4. they also were asked to describe Home or Homeland (where is Home to them).

Below are some of the students’ answers to the above questions, which are exactly copied from the Statement Forms, however, spellings and punctuations were corrected.

NIMITZ Elementary School in Sunnyvale:

Alisha-3rd grade: “I speak Malayalam and English. I like my school and the park in the Bay Area. A home to me is where my family is, and there I feel happy.”

Tomoya-3rd grade: “I speak English, Spanish, and Japanese. I like America because it has many parks, and I like the weather. In Japan, I like the food, Japan’s games, and people.  My Home is Japan because I feel safe and happy.”

Yoel-3rd grade:” I speak Russian, English, and Hebrew. I like America because it is close to all the cool places like Hawaii. I like Israel because it’s close to Europe, and it is hot so I can go the pool. My home is Israel because I ‘m with my family.”

Jennie, 3rd or 4th grade?: ” I speak English and Chinese. I like the ocean in [the Bay Area] and watch whales. [in China] I like the animals like Panda.”

Sasha, 3rd grade: “I speak English, Ukrainian and Russian. I like [the Bay Area]; it is hot and sunny. Ukraine has the best bread in the world!, Bay Area is my home because I visit my country.”

Xiaomian and Mia, both 4th grade: “We speak English and Chinese. We like America as home because it is really nice and my friend is really kind, and we also feel happy and safe.”

Ashley, 4th grade: “I speak Spanish and English. [What I like about the Bay Area are] we have ocean, pool, car, bike, pizza, and ice cream. [What I like about Mexico are] That you can walk all day. You get out of school at 1:00, Or you can start at 1:00 to 6:00. you can be rich. you can go to stores everyday and buy something. [my home is] Mexico; happy, free, and family.”

Indy, 3rd grade: “I speak Dutch and English. [I like the Bay Area] because it is popular to live close to San Francisco by the Golden Gate!!”

Remy, 3rd grade:” I speak French and English. Class and school are my favorite things [in Bay Area]. In France food, family and holiday are cool.”

Kruitine, 3rd grade: ” I love American schools to teach me to English. [I was born] in Philippines. I like it over there, [because] we are helping poor child. Because they don’t have many food. They eat trash, that’s why.”

Aadarsh, 3rd grade: ” My family speaks Nepali, Hindi, and English. [I like the Bay Area] it has big building. Also it has lots of park and it has ocean. [my native country] has hot weather. Also it has lots of zoo, and there are lots of festivals.”


SAN ANTONIO Elementary School in San Jose:

Caroline, 5th grade: “We speak English and Spanish (El Salvador). [in the Bay Area] I get to visit places that I ‘ve never been to and learn new things. [home to me is] a place where you feel welcomed or/and people treat you like family.”

Jose, 4th grade: “I am the only one [in my family] who could speak Spanish and English. in Mexico we get to celebrate El Cinco de Mayo. Mexico [is my homeland]  because I was born there and I’m proud of that.”

Sheena, 5th grade: “My family only speaks English. The coolest things about the Bay Area is that we have lot of fancy clothes, foods, and others. Home is a small town when someone is comfortable of us being there.”

Nathan, B. 4th grade: “English for me and Filipino for my mom. [the Bay Area] is colorful and it has Technology. [in Philippines] is cool cause we make angry birds, cake, we make fabrics.”

Joshua, 5th grade: “English for me, Spanish for dad, Vietnamese for mom. [in the Bay Area, I like] the area and local food from countries that other people eat. My dad’s  background is Mexico and there is a lot of parties, and Vietnam is cool cause there is good food and customs. Home is a place you live but you were not born there but it is a place were you feel welcomed.”

Alondra, 5th grade: “I speak English and Spanish. I like the food here, it is so good. I also like the beaches. San Jose, [CA] is my homeland because I like how people treat me like family.”

Maritza, 4th grade: “We speak English and Spanish. [in the Bay Area] you get to see lots of different thing and they have nice flower and they have beautiful houses and apartments. I was born in Hayward. I would like to live at Tracey. So all the time I can see my uncles and Aunts and my cousins.”

THEUERKAUF Elementary School in Mountain View:

Jayme, 5th grade: “English and Spanish. [in the Bay Area] There are a lot of places to go. My home is anywhere. My backgrounds are Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida. My home would be with my family. Does not matter where in world I am, I have to be with family to be home.”

Kyle, 5th grade: “English, Cambodian, Chinese, and Vietnamese. My home is my house.”

Marco, 5th grade: “English and Spanish. The cool thing about America is that there are lots of places to explore, ex. Yosemite, Donor Lake. El Salvador is very beautiful there are many places to go, even though it is a small country. I describe my homeland (El Salvador) as a humble, fun place and I wish I was there every moment of my life.”

Estefania, 5th grade: “We speak English and Spanish.[cool things about America]; movies, ice creams, candy, junk food, parks, art, music, people.”

Isabella, 5th grade: “We all speak English. The cool thing about America is universal Justin Bieber, Disney Land, and the Exploritorium. [my background is Italian] and it has a lot of green plants and beautiful castles and it is very princess. Italy has huge fiestas and lots of big markets.”

Umut, 5th grade: “I speak Turkish, English and [Spanish?]. Bay Area is cool because there are wonderful places to visit. My parents are born in Turkey, and the cool thing about Turkey is my grandma’s village. My home is Turkey because I was born there and I went to a lot of places there.”

Jazzy, 5th grade: “The cool thing about Bay Area [America] is Great America. I describe my Home a little boring, quiet, nothing fun nearly, but it is decent.”

Kevin, 5th grade: “Spanish. los juego y la nieve que puedo ir a jisparav armas de verdad en Iqs montanas. Iqs playas, puedo ir alas magurnitas, puedo sqlir a jugar a fuera el tiempo que que quiera. Que chida la tareg de Mexico.”