Theuerkauf School Images

18 students, Grade. 5, participated in the My Homeland art project. They or their family came from various parts of the world; Cambodia, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Italy and more. Students drew inspiration from their cultural backgrounds, such as patterns used in fabrics, colors, food, small ornaments, and countries’ flags. They designed their “hybrid symbols” on the maps blocks. Below are some of the images from the sessions.

The three sessions at Theuerkauf Elementary School taught by Pantea Karimi (project’s lead teaching artist)

Photos by Pantea Karimi and Rosalyn Carson (art teacher at Theuerkauf Elementary School)-click on images to see them bigger/zoom in

  • I am showing a block I drew with my invented symbols as an example.

  • One of the students at Theuerkauf; he drew inspiration from his homeland, Turkey. He brought a Turkish Eye as an inspiration for the shape, color, and cultural connection. He then designed a beautiful “hybrid symbol;” a combination of American flag, and the Turkish Eye’s circle shape.

  • Another student brought objects/fabrics with specific patterns from her multi-cultural family background; Africa, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the USA. She designed a “hybrid image” on the map’s block.

  • Some other students hybrid images, influenced by their life experiences and cultural backgrounds.

  • Students assembling their blocks on the Mountain View (Theuerkauf School neighborhood) map; they looked for the same number written on the blocks and the those on the map to match for the exact placement. It was exciting for them to finish the project and see the complete map.